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Since 2004, when the Society was invited to join the group working on the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) Market Town Health Check, we have been involved in many projects in and around Hythe, all of which were conceived to improve both amenities and the appearance of the town.


Funding for projects has been received from many quarters, including Kent County Council (KCC), both through our then County Councillor, the late Chris Capon, and current County Councillors, Hythe Town Council (HTC), Shepway District Council (SDC now Folkestone and Hythe District Council FHDC), Sainsbury’s S106 funding, SEEDA, The Hythe Institute Fund, the High Street Innovation Fund and several others. In addition to the installation of a number of commemorative benches and litter bins, some of the more notable projects are as follows:

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Projects in Progress
Completed Projects
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