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The principal objective of the Society since its foundation has been to encourage high quality renovation and development of the town after the devastation of World War II. In 1974 the Borough Trophy, later renamed the Civic Society Award, was presented to the Society by the then Mayor, Cllr. Chris Capon, to be awarded to buildings and amenities considered to merit public acknowledgement.

In 2000 the committee recognised that there should be an award to citizens who have rendered exceptional voluntary service to the community and instituted the Society’s Outstanding Service Award. Later, in 2006, the committee decided to give new or improved amenities of merit a certificate rather than the shield, which would be reserved for buildings and renovations.

Candidates for these awards are nominated by any member for consideration and decision by the committee. In any one year there may be more than one nomination approved for any award: alternatively there may be no nominations. Awards are usually made at the AGM.

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