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Below are details of and links to the policy documents that determine the policies that FHDC apply to each planning application. These policy documents are reviewed every 5 years or so.



Government sets great importance in Local Planning Authorities (Folkestone and Hythe District Council (FHDC) in the case of Hythe) having an up to date planning frame work.  If the policy framework is not up to date then developers have a greater chance of obtaining approval, via the appeal process, for speculative residential development.  FHDC has an up to date policy frame work.


On 30 March 2022 the FHDC approved its “Core Strategy” that sets out the broad planning principles for the area.  The document can be accessed at


On 16 September 2020 the FHDC approved its “Places and Policies Local Plan” which provides details of major sites for development and policies that help determine planning applications.  The document can be accessed at

Below are details of significant planning applications that the Executive Committee has discussed together with its comments to FHDC.

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