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Hythe in Bloom

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Photograph of planters along the railings
Planters in full bloom

In addition to its usual role of providing floral displays, for the past three years, Hythe in Bloom has organised a group of keen gardening volunteers to work in the town. They meet every Tuesday morning to assist Folkestone and District Council who are short of staff. Over the past year they have tackled Wakefield Walk, the wide borders between the canal and Prospect Road, Mackeson Square, the bed by Blue Shield Insurance and, most notably, the Princess Diana Sensory Garden at Oaklands.

This had become very overgrown so they were able to cut everything back and, with funding from District Councillor Douglas Wade’s Ward Budget, replant in the gaps to very pleasing effect.

The garden now boasts lots of new plants, including Rosemary, Russian Sage and Sarcococca, all of which have added to the glorious fragrance in the garden. The volunteers have also repaired the fence which provides the boundary, so altogether a great job.

The group is always looking for more volunteers so, if you are interested, please visit and leave a message. No ongoing commitment is required.

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