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Oral & Personal Histories

On this page you can read and listen to some personal histories of prominent local people. We will be adding to those listed and where possible adding audio so that you can listen to their personal story. If you prefer you can open and/or download a pdf transcript.

Gillian Gates

Dymchurch, Kent

Gillian Gates.png
Gillian Gates 16Interview: November 2023
00:00 / 48:13

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Berkeley Hill

Professor Berkeley Hill  Bsc. phD. BEM
Director Of Music at St Leonard's Church, Hythe. Kent

Berkeley HillInterview: October 2023
00:00 / 1:10:20

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Thomas James Beckett BEM & Marjorie Beckett

Notes written by Thomas James Beckett, possibly around the time his wife, Marjorie was writing her life STORY in February 1985


Jack Adams

John Adams sharing his memories & of his father Jack Adams.

Jack adams_edited.jpg
John AdamsInterview: November 2023
00:00 / 37:43

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We were delighted when Don Hyde agreed to be our first subject, John Osborne (Chairman) and myself and friends spent two very enjoyable sessions talking, listening to and recording Don's many and varied memories.

"I met Son in 1948 ‐ we were married in 1950, and two children, five grand children and nine great grandchildren later I count myself blessed."

"I was born in August 1942 in Tunbridge Wells and up to the age of 8 or 9 years old our family lived in Tyson Road in Folkestone, I think my mother went to Tunbridge Wells to give birth to me because Folkestone was in the front line of WW2 at that time."

"This is an interview with Mrs Margaret Hart. We are sitting in her sitting room in Prospect Road, Hythe. She is going to tell us about her early memories, and her memories of when she first moved to Hythe."

The Cold Harbour house and land deeds go back to 1696. In the Kent archives. It was a farm with 33 acres and came as a dowry for the marriage of 'Northhamptona Court'. She could not write but made her mark. It was an old parchment.

Flora Laundon


I am just starting part one of my life’s story so at the end I start at the beginning. Now aged 95 Flora Laundon born on the 2nd May 1916 during the First World War. My parents Florence and Leonard lived at South Norwood, 45 Edit Road, where I was born.

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