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Walk 1 - Canal Walk Directions

Updated: May 11

Map of canal walk - ideal for viewing on a smartphone

Directions - route runs clockwise:

SSW - Saxon Shore Way | EVW - Elham Valley Way | NDW - North Downs Way | ECP - England Coast Path | FP - Footpath | TR - Turn right | KG - Kissing Gate | TL - Turn left

1. Begin the walk at Portland Road car park. Leave by the ‘no entry’ exit and cross the road taking the path between the Royal Military Canal on your right and building on your left to Dymchurch Road. Cross Dymchurch Road by the pedestrian crossing, TL and then after a few yards TR down the path alongside the canal. This area is known as Holman’s Field and you will pass the information Plaque to John Charles Holman.

2. At the end of the path, when you reach Scanlon’s Bridge Road with the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway facing you, cross over and continue straight on along the towpath keeping the canal on your right. Follow the path until you reach a grey bridge where you will find an explanatory panel for the Sound Mirrors and a mock -up for you to practise on. Bear left and TR, crossing the main road and following the England Coast Path.

3. Pass Willow Tree farm on your left and TL into Kingfisher Avenue keeping to the England Coast Path. Keep to the road and TL into Herons’ Way. Straight ahead take the FP between two houses, still keeping to the ECP. Go straight, TR and at the end cross the bridge. TR, continue to the end of the tarmacked path, pass through the KG and continue straight keeping the ditch on your right.

4. TR across the bridge and continue along the edge of the field with the hedge on your left. Go over the stile, cross the road, take the FP and go through the KG into the field where you will have a magnificent view of Lympne Castle, Lympne Church and the hillside.

5. Walk diagonally across the field, cross the bridge and continue straight on the FP keeping to the edge of the field with the hedge on your right. Pass the low buildings on your right and take the path between them and the first house. When you reach the end of the FP cross the bridge over the canal. If you need refreshment, there is a cafe/bar called Unit 1 on your right.

6. Don’t take the first turning right onto the canal bank but continue to the next turning right bearing the sign, ‘Welcome to the Royal Military Canal’. Follow the path and after ½ mile look up to your left and at the top of the hill you will see one of the famous WWII Sound Mirrors. Before you reach the bridge, there is a track that will take you up to the sound mirror on your left if you wish to explore further (Please see map)

7. Continue along the route until you meet the main road. Turn right, cross the bridge, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and enter Holman's Field.

8. Follow the path, with the canal to your left, passing the plaque to John Charles Holman. At the end of the path turn left into Dymchurch Road and after a few yards cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. Take the path between the building on your right and the canal on your left. Where the path meets Portland Road, cross the road and arrive at the starting point car park.

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