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Redevelopment of the Aldi site

Planning application number is Y22/1109/FH at the ex-Aldi Site at 70/72 High Street, Hythe. The details of the application can be found at:

The application is for the conversion of former Aldi supermarket (to include partial demolition) and erection of a new building to provide 35 residential apartments and 5 commercial units (classes E, F1 and F2), re-configuration of existing car park, enhancement of the Town Square, landscaping, and other associated works

In its response to the FHDC the Society:

1. Welcomes the mixed use of the site.

2. Welcomes the improved design which is more in keeping with the conservation area than the original design used for the consultation exercise before submission of the application.

3. Recommends that the apartment block on the corner of Bank Street and Prospect Road be reduced from 3 to 2 storeys to fit better with the 2 storey buildings on the south side of Prospect Road.

4. Comments that there is too much black cladding proposed which is not dominant in the High Street area and that there should be more Kent peg tiles, natural wood, slate and brick finish that is more typical of the High Street area.

5. Objects to the loss of public parking in the town centre.

6. Suggests more landscaping of the car park to help to soften its impact.

7. Welcomes the upgrading of Town Square but is concerned about the number of trees proposed and who will be responsible for the maintenance of Town Square and other proposed landscaping.

8. Welcomes the new pedestrian way from the car park to Town Square. There needs to be a legal agreement to ensure there are no restrictions on public use of the pedestrian way.

9. Comments that there is an opportunity for directional signage from the car park.

10. Criticises the small size of some of the apartments which are below acceptable standards and that there appears to be no secondary means of fire escape from the 2nd floor apartments.

11. Wishes to see measures included to prevent anti-social behaviour in the pedestrian

way at night as this is the entrance to some of the apartments.

12. Street furniture should be painted “Hythe Blue” (BS 20C40) in keeping with the existing street furniture that gives a consistency to the conservation area.

13. The Society wishes to be involved with the detailed planning of Town Square as the Society owns some of the street furniture.

14. The Society owns the information map immediately adjacent to the pay machines in the car park and wishes the information map to be placed immediately adjacent to the newly site pay machines.

15. There should be a “slow down” ramp at the exit to the car park.

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