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Illustrated Talk - The Work of the Tree Warden - Cancelled

Updated: Jan 26

This talk has been cancelled due to the speaker being unwell. (Dated 26/1/2024)

David Carey is Chairman of the Kent Tree and Pond Wardens Group, supports other wardens all across Kent and is himself an active Tree Warden in his home parish of Hadlow.

There are Tree and Pond Wardens busy in many parishes throughout Kent, and there is a wide range of activities these individuals are involved in which help their local community. 

There may be one such in your local parish, but you may be aware neither of who they are nor what exactly they are busily engaged in.

This is an opportunity to hear the scope of the Tree or Pond Warden's role, together with some stories from real life of the challenges, successes and comedy of the role.

It promises to be a fascinating talk with the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

If you would like to attend, please email us at so that we can ensure you are accommodated.

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