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I Like Hythe Because..

photo of the canal

Originally launched on our Facebook Page in June to coincide with the national Civic Day event, Hythe Civic Society has decided to extend the period for submitting photographs to 1 February 2024. The Society will be holding an exhibition later in Spring 2024, when as many submissions as possible will be displayed.

Church Hill

To enter, the Society is asking you to illustrate your "like" by taking a photo and adding a couple of short lines to describe the reasons why you like Hythe.

Then email your photo and description to

The beach at Hythe

There is no restriction on the number of posts that you may submit. All posts will be added to the Society's website and will be displayed here. The posts and comments will help guide the Society in its work of promoting and protecting Hythe's life and character. What matters to you matters to the Society.

This is not a photographic competition and any photograph you think illustrates your 'like' is just fine.

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