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Hythe Triangle Community Garden

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A public meeting was held on Saturday 15th February in the Salvation Army Hall. Four HCS committee members attended, there were two local councillors present and about 34 local residents also present. Ashley Tanton and Andy Maguire welcomed all and set the scene. They emphasised that local residents’ further help was now needed, including with the fund-raising effort, if the project’s aims are to be achieved. They warmly acknowledged and welcomed the support of the Civic Society.

Attendees were asked to indicate their willingness to support one or more of joining a formalised Friends Group, becoming a Trustee, participating in activity days and publicity, joining a fundraising group and joining an ideas group. There were many questions as to the form a community garden would take, with differing sets of views about this though gravitating to a managed semi-wild garden.

Tidy-up sessions were conducted on the site on 21st February and 1st March with practical support from FHDC.

A meeting on site was planned but has been postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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