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Eaton Lands Community Orchard

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This is a joint project between The Society and the Hythe Environmental Community Group. Over the past 3 weeks members of both groups have been carrying out some maintenance work. This includes strimming some of the grass as the result of recent rain which has encouraged grass growth. Further strimming will be carried out in the next few weeks. However where possible the wildflowers on the site have not been touched, in order to attract wild bees and other insects.

The fruit trees are in good health, and fresh coconut matting has been placed around the base of the trees to suppress weed growth rather than use any form of herbicide or plastic sheeting.

The trees have flowered well and most of the apple trees, particularly Cobra and Scrumptious, have fruited well, as have some of the pears and plums (Lousie Bonne of Jersey, pear and Victoria plum. Since all of the trees have a pollination partner (of a different variety) the variation is probably due to the varying weather pattern at the time of flowering.

Some fruitlets have dropped naturally, however we have decided, again, to remove all the fruitlets in order not to divert energy from the growth of roots and branches; these trees are only 3 years old.

Next season we will have a more difficult decision and hopefully some fruit to harvest.

In March this year we planted a mixed, single line, wildlife friendly hedgerow along the footpath HB25 and the playing area which is also thriving. The intention is to keep it at a maximum height of approximately 2 metres. Also some small self sown fruit trees (Damson, Morello cherry, and Crab apple), some of which have not survived but will be replaced in the Autumn.

If anyone requires more information please contact Alan Joyce tel no: 267085 or

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