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Eaton Lands

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

This area between Castle Road, Tanners Hill and the escarpment overlooking the town had been farmed fields and neglected woodland for many years.

In 1992, Hythe Town Council sought ideas regarding the use of Eaton Lands as a public amenity. Working with the council, HCS planned to provide notice boards and informative maps at entrances, pathway markers in the woodland and steps into the quarry. The footpath along the quarry would also be improved. The smaller field was to be an informal playing area while the larger field would be a wildflower meadow with a picnic area in the middle.

HTC obtained funding from the Breathing Spaces Project and Shepway District Council's Community Chest Fund and the plans were put into effect. HCS together with volunteers from Romney Marsh Countryside Project and four primary schools helped with the planting of new trees and daffodil bulbs.

All these improvements are there to be seen and enjoyed today. Eaton Lands now features on all local maps and on a fine day there are many people, and dogs, to be seen enjoying the open air. Give it a try!

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