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Probably like most members of the Hythe community, we all see things while wandering around, that make us think 'what is that and where does it fit into Hythe’s history', as well as sometimes finding ‘artefacts’ in gardens, while out walking or on maps etc. This gave me an idea to create our own history group map on the website and plot things that we see and find on it, together with photos, maps and descriptions of findings, which might add a bit of Hythe interest to the Archaeology section.


There is at present, a lack of archaeological work being done in Hythe and the surrounding area. The main issue seems to be that Hythe is too densely populated for effective archaeological excavations to be carried out in the town centre.


In recent years, most dug archaeology in Hythe stems from any KCC requirement for an archaeological review following a planning application usually affecting the central core of Medieval buildings. As the KCC HER map shows, over many years there have been plenty of historic find spots in all categories. I believe that the group members would be interested to have a local HER type, interactive map for the Hythe Parish in order to develop interest not only, in the recorded finds, but also to perhaps trigger an enquiring mind as to possible further finds or their links.


In order to keep privacy, I have not put details of who found any of these items or the location of anything on private property.

If anyone finds or sees anything that they think would be suitable to add to the map please contact;   

History group Q&A forum


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