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These events and particularly the display project were only possible with the help and encouragement of a good number of people to whom the Society gives lots of thanks:

Hythe Town Council – for display consents and use of premises

Folkestone and Hythe District Council – for display consents

Kent County Council – for display contents

District Councillors Lesley Whybrow and Jim Martin – for their generous funding support

Colebrook Sturrock – for sponsoring the banners

Hythe Business and Tourism Association – for its encouragement and assistance

Paul Skelton, Dover Kent Archive (Kent pub history site) – for material use consent

Whitbread plc – for Mackeson pub photograph consents

Kent Photo Archive – for photograph use consent

The Mills Artchive – for photograph use consent

KCC County Archives – for material consent

Maidstone Museum – for material consent

Molly Griggs – for the loan of her fabulous albums and material consent

Chris Melchers – for photograph consent

Anne Petrie – for material consent

Chris O'Connor – for providing material

British Newspaper Archive – for material consent

British Pathe – for film material consent

Screen Archive South East, University of Brighton – for film material consent

Leon Crux (Cream of Cards TV) – for film material consent

David Horton – for material consent (the Alfred Horton Diaries)

Hythe Local History Group – for their great support and help with material

Ron Greenwood Hythe Local History Group – for the website pages and designing the banners

Brin Hughes, and the Friends of St. Leonards Church – for help and display consents

Sainsbury's and the Sainsbury"s Archive – for their display and material consents

Tina Naylor, for her patience and perseverance

Dan Naylor – for helping to create the poster style and templates

Jessica Naylor and George Brooks – for designing the Event Flyer

Clive and Helen at Art-Write – for printing all the display material etc and their generous Quiz prize donations

Henry and Kerry at The Lazy Shack – for their fantastic help with the display at Fisherman’s Beach

Harriet and the Book Den – for the Quiz Prize donation

Tertia at Keeps Tea Room – for th display consent and her generous Quiz Prize donation

he RHDR – for their display and material consent and the generous Quiz Prize donation

All other retailers, business and residents who have consented to display Heritage Hythe information sheets

St Leonard’s Church – for hosting our Talk Evening and the Jazz Concert

Mike Umbers - for his excellent Talk, and to David Paton and Betty Black who had prepared to present talks but for different reasons were unable to do so

Ashford Youth Jazz Orchestra – for an excellent evening concert

To all others who have helped and contributed

And finally to all members and friends of the Hythe Civic Society who have contributed their voluntary time towards our events, without whom this would not be possible.

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