There are a number of major planning "initiatives" that are going on at present:


Fisherman's Beach

Hythe Neighbourhood Development Plan

Imperial Green

Princes Parade

Shepway Core Strategy




In February this year David Shore the Planning Policy Manager of Shepway District Council gave a presentation at our special Society Forum on the proposed development of Princes Parade. He has now sent an update on the work being undertaken by the District Council - 

As part of my presentation to the Hythe Civic Society meeting 17thFebruary 2015 I stated that, as part of the process of developing Princes Parade  project, the District Council  would commission a review of the evidence relating to contamination and commission further work if necessary. The first phase of this work has involved the Council’s consultants Idom Merebrook reviewing the Phase 1 Desk Study and Site Walkover undertaken by Ground Solutions Group Limited in June 2002.

Having reviewed the reports Idom Merbrook have recommended a phased approach. This will consist of an initial investigation to enable an understanding of the ground conditions, with detailed investigation undertaken at the design stage. The work will comprise the following


1.                Review of historic maps and relevant data.

2.                The drilling of six to seven sampler boreholes across the site

3.                Excavation of a number of trial pits.

           4.            Chemical analysis of soil samples, groundwater water samples and surface water                           samples

           5.            One round of groundwater and ground gas monitoring.

           6.            Full factual and interpretive geotechnical and environmental report allowing a                                preliminary remediation strategy to be prepared.

The onsite works are scheduled to take place on 17th and 18th June 2015.  The investigation will be overseen by an ecologist to ensure that no damage is caused to protected habitats. Grateful if you could circulate this amongst your members.