Our History

At the end of World War II our town faced a major rebuilding task.  Some of the returning population had the foresight to see that reconstruction would set the character of the town for the future. They formed the HYTHE CITIZENS' UNION in 1945 with the task of monitoring every development and building project of importance, and ensuring that public spaces, trees, and historical landmarks were, as far as possible, restored to a high standard.

In addition to housing and town planning, the founders of the Citizens’ Union organised lectures, exhibitions and local history study, as well as social events to increase membership, and raise funds. Sixty years later, now under the name of the HYTHE CIVIC SOCIETY, a Committee of a dozen or so backed by a membership of around 850 residents, is doing much the same.





Formed in May of 2014 by a group of members of the Society who shared an enthusiasm for local history and felt a need to coordinate their individual research. 
Their purpose is to research, record, disseminate and preserve our local history. They meet each month in Oaklands and are currently working on a number of projects including; researching older historic buildings in the High Street, researching the history of Pedlinge, cataloguing and archiving material from the Town archives and the HCS archives so that a complete index is available to our membership; carrying out a detailed archaeological survey of the gravestones in St. Leonard's Church yard; collecting, cataloguing and archiving all of the various maps of Hythe; researching the history of Portex in Hythe; and compiling an oral history sourced from Hythe residents.
For more information check out their website at www.hythehistory.org